Psychology of Alcoholism, The by George Barton Cutten (1874 - 1962)


  • Chapter II - Physiology

Chapter II - Physiology

Thursday 1st January 1970

Explore the effects of chronic alcoholism on physiology and the brain in the Psychology of Alcoholism podcast. Discover the two cures known during that time.
65 minutes

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Psychology of Alcoholism, The by George Barton Cutten (1874 - 1962)
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The Physiology of Alcoholism: The Psychology of Alcoholism Podcast Episode II

Alcohol appears to affect neurotic persons more than the non-neurotic. The most highly organized centers are first and more permanently affected than the lower centers.
In the second episode of the Psychology of Alcoholism podcast, Dr. Cutten explores the effects of chronic alcoholism on physiology, including its impact on the nervous system, memory, intellect, will, emotions, and senses. He also discusses the two known cures for alcoholism during that time, religious conversion and hypnotism. The episode delves into the changes caused by alcohol in nerve cells and the various lesions that can occur, including arteriosclerosis. Dr.
Cutten notes individual differences in alcohol tolerance and how neuroticism plays a role in susceptibility to its effects. He also highlights the presence of chromatolysis in alcoholism and the limitations in current understanding. To learn more about the fascinating and complex topic of the physiology of alcoholism, listen to this episode now on