Rho and James

The Forbidden Forest

Rho and James

  • Chapter Twenty-Three: Hallowed be thy Name

Chapter Twenty-Three: Hallowed be thy Name

Monday 27th September 2021

Rho and James explore mental illness, substance-induced psychosis, and the birth of a new prince in Chapter Twenty-Three of 'The Forbidden Forest'.
128 minutes

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The Forbidden Forest
Rho and James
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Chapter Twenty-Three: A New Prince and the Shadows of Mental Illness

I hope people don't read our story as trying to have Wahlberger fall into that trope either, because, like I will say it explicitly, the vast majority of people with psychosis and with severe mental illness are non-violent.
Imagine the arrival of a new prince, a symbol of hope amidst a storm of chaos. In Chapter Twenty-Three of 'The Forbidden Forest', Rho and James tackle the heavy themes of mental illness and substance-induced psychosis. This episode starts with an academic tone but quickly spirals into a raw and unfiltered discussion, mirroring the unpredictable nature of life itself. With a content warning for peripartum psychosis and discussions on mental illness during pregnancy, this episode isn't for the faint-hearted.
Rho and James weave personal anecdotes with their fictional narrative, exploring the impact of severe mental health issues within the Harry Potter universe. They discuss the Unforgivable Clause and share tales from their childhoods involving powerful witches and wizards. The episode doesn't shy away from the dark corners of cannabis use and its potential to exacerbate mental health problems. Despite the heavy topics, there's an underlying current of hope.
The birth of the new prince serves as a beacon in the darkness, a reminder that even in the toughest times, there can be moments of light. Rho and James' candid conversation offers a supportive perspective, encouraging listeners to reflect on the complexities of love, family, and mental health. If you're looking for an episode that blends raw honesty with heartfelt storytelling, this one's for you.
Join Rho and James as they navigate these difficult topics with empathy and a touch of humor, leaving you with plenty to ponder long after the episode ends.