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  • Chris K. - Trust and Faith

Chris K. - Trust and Faith

Monday 7th January 2019

Listen to Chris K. share his experience, strength, and hope on Podcast Recovery. Join the forerunner in digitally accessible addiction recovery support on alcoholfree.com
53 minutes

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Chris K. Shares his Journey to Recovery on Podcast Recovery

With my experience, I've learned that life is life definitely gives and takes, and it's not always personal.
In the latest episode of Podcast Recovery, David O and Eric V are joined by Chris K., who shares his journey to recovery. Chris opens up about his struggles with addiction, including his first drink and his subsequent descent into substance abuse. He talks about the impact of addiction on his family, including the difficulty of dealing with his little sister's incarceration. Chris also discusses his journey to recovery, including the role of self-honesty and accountability in his sobriety. He talks about the importance of a higher power in his life and how it has helped him deal with life on life's terms. Chris also shares his thoughts on maintaining relationships in and out of recovery. He emphasizes the importance of staying connected with loved ones and seeking their perspectives on life's challenges.
One of the main takeaways from Chris' story is the importance of being honest with oneself and others. He talks about the difficulty of admitting to his addiction and how it took years for him to finally seek help. However, once he was able to be honest with himself, Chris was able to start the journey to recovery. Another key takeaway is the importance of a higher power in recovery. Chris talks about the role of his faith in his sobriety and how it has helped him deal with life's challenges.
Overall, Chris' story is an inspiring and empowering reminder that recovery is possible. Through self-honesty, accountability, and faith, Chris has been able to overcome his addiction and build a fulfilling life in sobriety. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, be sure to listen to this episode of Podcast Recovery on alcoholfree.com and learn from Chris' journey to recovery.