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Mark Jennison

  • Comeback Podcat #073 : Hate

Comeback Podcat #073 : Hate

Friday 3rd January 2020

Discover how to overcome the hate and resentment that can hold you back from achieving your goals in this episode of IAMACOMEBACK's Comeback Podcast. Listen now on!
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Overcoming Hate and Resentment: Insights from IAMACOMEBACK's Comeback Podcast Episode #073

I'm no longer gonna allow this hate, this disdain for the man that's looking back inside the mirror at me. One step to do that right now is to get out a piece of paper and just write down as many of the things that you can remember about yourself that you don't like yourself, for look at them in the paper, look at them on the piece of paper staring back at you and say: this is no longer who I'm going to be.
In the latest episode of IAMACOMEBACK's Comeback Podcast, host Mark Jennison delves deep into the role of hate and resentment in addiction and recovery. Drawing from his own experiences, Mark discusses how he initially believed that these negative emotions could fuel his sobriety and success, but ultimately realized that they were holding him back. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and self-love in achieving personal growth and taking control of one's life.
Mark also stresses the need for accountability and seeking help, highlighting the resources available through the IAMACOMEBACK movement. Whether you're struggling with addiction or simply looking to overcome negative emotions, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice for achieving a comeback. So, grab a piece of paper and join Mark on this transformative journey. Listen to the episode now here on