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  • Connecting Every Woman With Her Purpose in God’s Story : Misty Arterburn

Connecting Every Woman With Her Purpose in God’s Story : Misty Arterburn

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Jenny Bushkell and Misty Arterburn discuss 'Every Woman’s Bible', a guide for women seeking deeper faith and understanding of their unique purpose.
43 minutes

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Connecting Women to Their Purpose in God's Story

Episode Overview

  • The 'Every Woman’s Bible' aims to help women understand their unique purpose in God's story.
  • Includes contributions from over 100 women worldwide.
  • Features devotionals, study notes, and a global community perspective.
  • Discusses the role of women in Jesus' ministry and their importance in Scripture.
  • Offers practical guidance for women seeking deeper faith and spiritual growth.
Jesus is inviting us always beneath the surface and whatever's happening at the surface is a clue as to what's really going on deeper
Ever wondered how to connect more deeply with your faith and understand your purpose in God's story? This episode of 'Crossroads with Jenny Bushkell' brings you an enlightening conversation with Misty Arterburn, associate editor of 'Every Woman’s Bible: Connecting Every Woman with Her Purpose in God’s Story'. Misty shares her journey of curating a Bible that addresses the unique questions women have about their faith, identity, and purpose.
With insightful devotionals, study notes, and contributions from over 100 women worldwide, this Bible aims to be a companion for women seeking to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Misty discusses the challenges and rewards of creating a resource that speaks directly to women's hearts and minds, offering both inspiration and practical guidance. She also touches on her personal experiences, including working alongside her husband, Steve Arterburn, in various ministry projects.
This episode is packed with heartfelt stories, practical advice, and a reminder that every woman has a unique role in God's grand narrative. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation that could be the key to unlocking your own spiritual journey.