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Dr. Jason Powers, MD

  • Creating Community for Individuals in Active Recovery, the Sober Curious, and Allies with Brett Bagley

Creating Community for Individuals in Active Recovery, the Sober Curious, and Allies with Brett Bagley

Tuesday 2nd July 2024

Join Brett Bagley and Dr. Jason Powers as they discuss the power of community in recovery and how The Phoenix is creating safe spaces for all.
39 minutes

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Building Community and Connection in Recovery with Brett Bagley

Episode Overview

  • The Phoenix offers a variety of sober activities to build connections.
  • Inclusivity is key – changing terms like 'run streak' to 'move streak'.
  • Community organising can significantly impact recovery journeys.
  • Allies play a crucial role in supporting those in recovery.
  • Gratitude and positive habits are essential for mental health.
Having an addiction is a human experience.
Imagine a world where community and belonging can change lives – that's what Brett Bagley and The Phoenix are all about. In this episode of Positive Recovery MD, host Dr. Jason Powers chats with Brett, a former teacher and coach who has become a key player in the sober active recovery community. Brett's journey is nothing short of inspiring; she took the reins of The Phoenix's Houston chapter and grew it to over 3,000 members in just one year!
The Phoenix offers a variety of activities that create safe, fun, and supportive environments for individuals in recovery and their allies. From rock climbing to sober runs, Brett shares how these events help build connections and support mental health. She also discusses the importance of inclusivity, noting how changing the term 'run streak' to 'move streak' made activities more welcoming for everyone. Brett’s passion for community organising shines through as she talks about the challenges and triumphs of her role.
Whether you're in recovery, sober curious, or an ally, you'll find valuable insights and a sense of hope in this conversation. Don't miss out on hearing how community can be a game-changer in the recovery journey.