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  • Critical importance of monitoring your progress. Part 1.

Critical importance of monitoring your progress. Part 1.

Sunday 13th January 2019

Discover the critical importance of monitoring your progress in addiction recovery with insights from AKA TGIF, an addiction and recovery veteran. Listen to the podcast episode now on!
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The Importance of Monitoring Your Progress in Addiction Recovery: Insights from I'm Sober Now What? Podcast

If you don't have a method for monitoring your progress or if you're not self-aware of how you're monitoring or the reasons why you're not monitoring and not understanding how important it is to monitor your progress, chances are you're gonna find yourself in a discons, a discontent state, a general, a general state of not being happy where you're at life with your recovery.
The addiction rehabilitation journey is a challenging one, and traditional treatment methods often fail to provide the competent help needed for successful recovery. The I'm Sober Now What? podcast, hosted by AKA TGIF, aims to provide bite-sized lessons on big picture subjects related to addiction recovery. In one of their recent episodes, AKA TGIF emphasizes the critical importance of monitoring one's progress in addiction recovery.
Drawing from personal experience, AKA TGIF shares how he recently found himself in a chronically discontent state despite making significant progress in his journey. By using daily self-reflection and self-assessment, he was able to identify the root cause of his discontent and take steps to correct it. The episode highlights the consequences of not monitoring one's progress and the vulnerability that long-term addiction recovery can pose.
AKA TGIF also discusses the role of family members in addiction recovery and offers insights on overcoming digital media addictions. The podcast episode is informative, empowering, supportive, engaging, and thought-provoking. Listen to the full episode now on and discover the critical importance of monitoring your progress in addiction recovery.