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Connor Duffy

  • Dealing With Guilt & Shame

Dealing With Guilt & Shame

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Connor Duffy tackles guilt and shame in addiction, offering practical steps and personal stories to help you start your recovery journey.
20 minutes

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Breaking Free from Guilt & Shame in Addiction Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Addiction often leads to feelings of guilt and shame.
  • Starting recovery is crucial to overcoming these emotions.
  • Support systems like AA can be incredibly helpful.
  • Focus on daily improvements to build long-term change.
  • Empathy for yourself is essential in the recovery process.
You can't self-sabotage and simultaneously feel good about yourself.
In this episode of 'The Sober Plug', Connor Duffy dives deep into the heavy emotions of guilt and shame that often accompany addiction. With his characteristic blend of empathy and no-nonsense advice, Connor explores why these feelings arise and how they can become overwhelming. He shares personal anecdotes about his own struggles with addiction and the transformative power of getting sober.
Connor explains that addiction pulls us away from our true potential and harms not only ourselves but also those around us, even if indirectly. He stresses the importance of starting the journey to recovery today, rather than putting it off for another day or week. The episode is filled with practical advice on taking small steps toward sobriety and highlights the necessity of support systems like AA or other recovery groups.
By keeping things simple and focusing on daily improvements, Connor assures that you can gradually shed those burdensome feelings of guilt and shame. Whether you're battling substance addiction or other vices like gambling or overeating, this episode offers a compassionate yet firm guide to starting your recovery journey. Don't miss out on Connor's heartfelt message—it's time to get 1% better each day.