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  • Deep Dive - Bonnie: Act I, Scene 1

Deep Dive - Bonnie: Act I, Scene 1

Saturday 6th July 2024

Dive into Bonnie's inspiring journey through trauma recovery, eating disorders, and 12-step programmes in this heartfelt episode of the Recovery Crone Podcast.
44 minutes

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Bonnie's Journey: From Trauma to Triumph

Episode Overview

  • Bonnie's early exposure to diet pills shaped her body image issues.
  • Growing up in a racially mixed family added layers to her struggles.
  • Extreme dieting led to severe health issues and disordered eating behaviours.
  • 12-step programmes like OA and Al-Anon played crucial roles in her recovery.
  • Support systems are vital for overcoming emotional and physical challenges.
Bonnie's a miracle; that's the punchline.
In this episode of the Recovery Crone Podcast, you'll meet Bonnie, whose journey through 12-step recovery programmes and personal battles is nothing short of inspiring. The episode kicks off a new series called 'Deep Dive', focusing on the complex and often dark waters of trauma recovery, especially for adult children of alcoholics, addicts, and narcissists.
Bonnie's story starts with her early awareness of body image issues, influenced by her mother putting her on diet pills at the tender age of five. This early trauma set the stage for a lifetime of struggles with eating disorders and body image, compounded by the challenges of growing up in a racially mixed family in the 80s South Carolina and later in Portland, Oregon.
Her mother, an Irish woman with fair skin, married a Jamaican man, adding layers of cultural and racial identity issues to Bonnie's already tumultuous life. The episode delves into Bonnie's experiences with extreme dieting, including a stint at a weight loss camp that led to severe health issues and disordered eating behaviours. Her journey through various 12-step programmes, including Overeaters Anonymous (OA) and Al-Anon, offers a raw and honest look at the ups and downs of recovery.
Bonnie's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, as she navigates her way through emotional and physical challenges to find a sense of peace and acceptance. Her relationship with the host, who once served as her sponsor, adds another layer of depth to the conversation, highlighting the importance of support systems in recovery. This episode is a must-listen for anyone struggling with similar issues or looking for a story of hope and perseverance.
Don't miss out on this powerful narrative that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to continue your own journey toward healing.