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  • Doing It Sober Episode 3

Doing It Sober Episode 3

Wednesday 1st January 2020

Join Daniella Park on the Doing It Sober podcast as she talks with Heather Schaefer about her journey from addiction to sobriety and the challenges she faced. Listen now on alcoholfree.com
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From Soccer Mom to Sober Life - How Heather Schaefer Found a Sense of Fun and Adventure in Recovery

So you know, that helps keep me sober, because I see what the you know, what happens to people who aren't, you know, able to stay sober. I helped a mother identify the body of her son, you know, like that kind of stuff is, you know, that's the stuff that I kind of think about, and I think about my kids and I think about my family.
Heather Schaefer was a stay-at-home mom for years, but beneath the facade of a soccer mom was a woman struggling with addiction to opioid painkillers and alcohol. In this episode of the Doing It Sober podcast, host Daniella Park talks with Heather about her journey from addiction to sobriety, the challenges she faced in sober relationships, and the importance of finding fun and adventure in sobriety.
Heather shares her experience with choosing a recovery program and the impact of addiction on her family. She also talks about the value of sober friendships and the empowerment she found in helping others. Through her journey, Heather overcame feelings of failure and learned that it's okay for women to admit that they can do more than just be a wife and a mother. Listen now on alcoholfree.com to hear Heather's inspiring story of hope and compassion.