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DPDR Recovery

Will Winters

  • DPDR Recovery: EP 1

DPDR Recovery: EP 1

Thursday 28th April 2022

Will Winters shares his journey with DPDR, offering practical advice and emotional support for those affected by depersonalization/derealization disorder.
11 minutes

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DPDR Recovery: Finding Connection in a Disconnected World

This, my friends, is the core experience that dpdr sufferers go through. It tells us there is a pattern and there are signs we can look for to potentially notice that we are improving.
Imagine feeling like you're watching your own life from the outside, unable to connect with yourself or the world around you. That's the reality for many dealing with depersonalization/derealization disorder (DPDR). In this episode of the DPDR Recovery Podcast, host Will Winters opens up about his personal journey through the fog of DPDR.
Will's candid storytelling offers a glimpse into his experiences, from the initial confusion and fear to the gradual understanding and coping strategies that helped him find his way back to reality. He shares how his journey might resonate with others who feel trapped in their own minds. By discussing his own path to recovery, Will provides practical advice and emotional support for those grappling with this often misunderstood disorder.
Whether you're personally affected by DPDR or know someone who is, this episode offers a comforting reminder that you're not alone. Tune in to hear Will's heartfelt narrative and discover ways to manage and overcome the challenges of DPDR.