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  • Ep.19 My talented friend Karen joins me on the podcast

Ep.19 My talented friend Karen joins me on the podcast

Saturday 4th January 2020

Join AJ Butler and Karen on the Oct-sober Recovery Podcast as they discuss Karen's journey to sobriety and how it impacted her life. Listen now on alcoholfree.com
72 minutes

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Karen's Journey to Sobriety: An Inspiring Conversation on Oct-sober Recovery Podcast

I will say that: wow, yeah, I was able to just maintain this like cool buzz, and I was a far greater entertainer in some ways...
Karen's journey to sobriety was not an easy one, but it was a necessary one. On the latest episode of the Oct-sober Recovery Podcast, Karen joins host AJ Butler to discuss her struggles with alcohol and how it impacted her life. Karen admits that she initially tried to quit drinking on her own, but couldn't. It wasn't until she entered Alcoholics Anonymous that she found the support she needed to overcome her addiction.
Karen and AJ discuss the effects of alcohol on performers and how sobriety has made Karen a better entertainer in some ways. They also delve into the importance of honesty in recovery, making amends with loved ones, and taking responsibility for one's actions. Karen shares how her family played a role in her recovery and how finding joy in life after sobriety has been a powerful motivator for her.
The conversation ends on a note of forgiveness and the power it has to heal relationships. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, this episode is a must-listen. Join Karen and AJ on the Oct-sober Recovery Podcast and find hope and healing. Listen now on alcoholfree.com.