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  • Ep. 2.10 Sheep/Sleep

Ep. 2.10 Sheep/Sleep

Friday 28th May 2021

Denise Walker explores the dangers of the 'Us vs Them' mentality in recovery, advocating for empathy and self-awareness in this Detox Podcast episode.
39 minutes

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Shedding Judgment: Denise Walker on the 'Us vs Them' Trap in Recovery

I'm sober and I'm walking this awesome new life and I can see all that toxicity for what it was. I'm not a shepherd because there are no sheep. I can't believe they're still feeding into this cycle of shenanigans, and I can't believe they don't understand just how bad this is for them and they have to be careful and all this stuff, and that might be true, but it's not our role to tell other people how to live and what choices to make.
Ever wondered if labeling people as 'sheep' or 'shepherds' does more harm than good? Denise Walker dives into this very topic in her latest episode of the Detox Podcast. She tackles the divisive 'Us vs Them' mentality that can creep into addiction recovery, reminding us that no one has the right to dictate how others should live or recover.
Denise shares her thoughts on sobriety and the triggers that can come with it, offering a fresh perspective on self-awareness and compassion. She also touches on the importance of breaking free from victim blaming and spiritual bypassing. If you're navigating the ups and downs of recovery or supporting someone who is, this episode offers valuable insights and a gentle nudge towards empathy.