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  • Ep. 2 Values w/Boyd Hooper

Ep. 2 Values w/Boyd Hooper

Thursday 17th January 2019

In this episode of Sundance Canyon Podcast, hosts Nate Stoddard and Simon Timms talk with Boyd Hooper about family dynamics, values, and common struggles between teens and parents. Gain insights into how to navigate these challenges in your family dynamic.
23 minutes

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Exploring Family Dynamics and Values: A Conversation with Boyd Hooper on Sundance Canyon Podcast

It's a starting point, it's a crossover of, again, commonality, because you know... this young man who came in and he was a week away from graduating the program and his parents were making arrangements for flights and coming out in hotels and everything. He said, boy, this time went by quickly. Wow, that's good information to have.
In the latest episode of Sundance Canyon Podcast, hosts Nate Stoddard and Simon Timms delve into the complexities of family dynamics with guest Boyd Hooper, an admissions director at Sundance Canyon Academy. The topic at hand: values. As Hooper points out, kids may say they value one thing, but their actions often reveal something else entirely. This can create tension and conflict between parents and teens, as they struggle to find common ground.
But, as Hooper explains, there are ways to navigate these challenges and foster positive outcomes. One approach is through motivational interviewing, which involves finding commonalities between parents and teens based on shared values. This can be a starting point for conversations that lead to greater understanding and cooperation. Another key is to maintain honesty and trust, even in the face of difficult conversations. It's not always easy, but as Hooper notes, the payoff can be significant.
Overall, the episode offers valuable insights into the dynamics of family relationships and the importance of values in shaping them. Whether you're a parent, a teen, or simply someone interested in exploring these topics, this episode is well worth a listen. So, check it out on today and start your journey towards a healthier and happier family dynamic.