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  • Ep. 4 Culinary Arts w/ Allen Saena

Ep. 4 Culinary Arts w/ Allen Saena

Thursday 17th January 2019

Discover the art of culinary therapy with culinary director Allen Saena in this Sundance Canyon Podcast episode. Learn how cooking can help build positive relationships and improve mental health.
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Cooking Up a Connection: The Art of Culinary Therapy with Allen Saena

Food is something that allows you to open up a little bit more in a sense where traditions you're cooking at home with family, you're learning from your grandparents, your parents and you're able to pick up not only different skills, but you're able to learn more about each other while you're cooking, and you're able to do that same thing here.
In this episode of the Sundance Canyon Podcast, culinary director Allen Saena shares insights into the art of culinary therapy and its impact on students at the academy. As Saena explains, cooking is more than just preparing meals; it's a way to build positive relationships, improve mental health, and learn valuable life skills. By bonding over food, students are able to open up and connect with each other, while also developing important skills such as measurement, chopping, and dicing.
Throughout the episode, Saena shares stories of how culinary therapy has helped students not just in the kitchen, but in their daily lives as well. Through cooking, students are able to gain a new appreciation for the small things in life, and take better care of themselves both physically and mentally. If you're interested in learning more about the transformative power of culinary therapy, be sure to listen to this episode now here on