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  • Ep 8 What is Your Role in a Sober Family?

Ep 8 What is Your Role in a Sober Family?

Friday 4th January 2019

Join Tanya and Jerry on Sober on Purpose as they explore the complexities of family roles and sobriety. Listen now on alcoholfree.com!
21 minutes

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Navigating Family Roles in Sobriety: Ep 8 of Sober on Purpose

Sobriety brings us what has always been true. All members of a family have roles to play which encompass both our flaws and our virtues.
In the latest episode of Sober on Purpose, Tanya and Jerry discuss the complexities of navigating family roles in sobriety. They touch on the shifting responsibilities that occur when a major change happens in a family, and how sobriety can suddenly put two adults in a relationship in a state of uncertainty about who they are.
The hosts delve into the idea that sobriety is not just about the person in recovery, but about the entire family unit, and how all members have roles to play that encompass both their flaws and virtues. Tanya and Jerry discuss the importance of rigorous self-reflection and how it can lead to a spiritual journey of growth and healing.
They also explore the issue of distancing from family during recovery, and how it can be necessary to distance oneself from those who do not support their sobriety. The hosts touch on the Christian component of recovery and the importance of therapy. Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into navigating change and finding one's place in a sober family.
Listen to the episode now on alcoholfree.com and join Tanya and Jerry for a dose of hope and encouragement on the journey of sobriety.