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  • EP232: Susanna Gray-Jones, Founder of Chime Search - Secrets To Mastering Recruitment

EP232: Susanna Gray-Jones, Founder of Chime Search - Secrets To Mastering Recruitment

Monday 8th July 2024

Susanna Gray-Jones shares her journey and tips on becoming a top recruiter. From top biller traits to mental health, this episode has it all.
45 minutes

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Mastering Recruitment: Insights from Susanna Gray-Jones

Episode Overview

  • Traits that define a top biller in recruitment.
  • Secrets to an effective interview process.
  • The role of mental health and resilience in recruitment.
  • Tips for building a personal brand.
  • Importance of human connection in recruitment.
If you can communicate boundaries while making people feel heard, it creates a great culture
Ever wondered what makes a top recruiter stand out? In this episode of The Recruiter's Recruitment Podcast, Susanna Gray-Jones, founder of Chime Search and host of 'The Counter Offer' podcast, spills the beans. With over 16 years in the recruitment industry, Susanna has climbed the ranks from phone-based recruitment to Sales Director, and now runs her own business specialising in senior-level roles in education across the UK and the Middle East.
Based in Dubai, she shares her journey and offers invaluable advice for recruiters at all stages of their careers. From the traits that define a top biller to the secrets of an effective interview process, Susanna's insights are gold. She also touches on the importance of mental health and resilience in the fast-paced world of recruitment. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, you'll find something useful in this chat.
Susanna's candid and engaging style makes complex topics accessible and relatable. So, if you're looking to up your recruitment game or just want to hear from someone who’s been there and done that, this episode is a must-listen. What are you waiting for? Dive in and get inspired by Susanna's story and tips!