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  • Ep.99 - Self Discovery w/Orion

Ep.99 - Self Discovery w/Orion

Thursday 27th June 2024

Orion shares her powerful story of self-discovery, addiction recovery, and the journey towards self-acceptance on The Sober Unicorn.
31 minutes

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Orion's Journey: From Trauma to Triumph

Episode Overview

  • Orion shares her journey from childhood trauma to becoming a proud trans woman.
  • She discusses her late start with meth addiction and the challenges of coming out.
  • The importance of a strong support network in recovery is highlighted.
  • Orion reflects on building healthier relationships through self-awareness.
  • She offers insights into finding self-worth and resilience in adversity.
I had to take a step back and really evaluate my relationships and friendships with people.
Orion joins Holden on The Sober Unicorn to share her incredible journey of self-discovery and recovery. As a proud trans woman, Orion opens up about her childhood trauma, growing up in a religious household, and the struggle of losing both parents to addiction before she turned 18. She talks candidly about her late start with meth, the challenges of coming out as gay and trans, and the isolation she felt when her grandmother disowned her for ten years.
Her story is a powerful testament to resilience and finding strength in the face of adversity. Orion's experiences with addiction and recovery are deeply personal, yet they resonate with universal themes of seeking acceptance and self-worth. She discusses the importance of her support network, including her sponsor and sponsorship family, and how they helped her navigate the difficult path to sobriety. Orion also reflects on the transformative power of recovery steps and the value of self-awareness in building healthier relationships.
This episode is a heartfelt exploration of identity, recovery, and the ongoing journey towards self-acceptance. Whether you're part of the LGBT+ community or an ally, Orion's story offers hope and inspiration. Tune in to hear her wisdom, humour, and the hard-earned lessons she's learned along the way.