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Dan Reeves

  • Episode 001 Why?

Episode 001 Why?

Friday 4th January 2019

Join the conversation on twelve-step recovery, addiction, and spirituality with the Spiritual Underground Podcast. Discover how to find your true self, heal your soul, and create 'juice' in your life. Listen now on alcoholfree.com
64 minutes

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Why the Spiritual Underground Podcast is a must-listen

I'm legitimately grateful that I'm an alcoholic and an addict, because I found this path of spirituality available to me that I probably wouldn't have discovered if I was a so-called normal person.
The Spiritual Underground Podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking to heal their soul and overcome addiction. Hosted by Dan Reeves and a group of like-minded individuals, this podcast is a conversation about spirituality, mentorship, and mindfulness. In the first episode, Dan and his guests discuss why they started the podcast, and the importance of spirituality in addiction recovery. They share personal stories of how addiction led them to spirituality and the path they took to get there.
They also touch on the benefits of mentorship in recovery, and the power of mindfulness and meditation in overcoming negative self-talk and peer pressure. The conversation is engaging, inspiring, and informative, leaving listeners with a sense of hope and encouragement. If you're looking for a podcast that will help you find your true self, heal your soul, and create 'juice' in your life, tune in to the Spiritual Underground Podcast now on alcoholfree.com.