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RB and Friends - Talkin' Food, Recovery & Sports

Ronnie B (RB)

  • Episode #071 - - Boyz Weekend

Episode #071 - - Boyz Weekend

Friday 26th January 2024

Join Ronnie B and friends for a fun-filled episode discussing sponsorships, hot yoga, ice fishing, and more. Expect laughs and camaraderie!
69 minutes

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RB and Friends - Talkin' Food, Recovery & Sports
Ronnie B (RB)
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Weekend Shenanigans: RB and Friends Dive into Fun and Friendship

Episode Overview

  • The hosts and their repeat guest share amusing anecdotes and candid conversations
  • Topics range from sponsorships and hot yoga to ice fishing and diesel vs. gas
  • Entertaining and lighthearted episode leaving you chuckling and contemplating different perspectives
Why don't you live for today and don't wait for tomorrow?
Imagine kicking back with your mates for a weekend full of laughs, debates, and a bit of friendly ribbing. That's exactly what you get in this episode of 'RB and Friends'. Ronnie B and his buddies take you on a wild ride through their weekend adventures, from the quirks of sponsorship deals to the surprising benefits of hot yoga.
They even throw in some ice fishing tales and a spirited discussion on whether diesel or gas is the superior fuel choice. The episode is packed with amusing stories and candid chats that make you feel like you're right there with them. Whether you're in it for the sports banter, the foodie tips, or the heartfelt recovery stories, this episode promises a good time and plenty of laughs.