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  • Episode 11 Jessica Johnson

Episode 11 Jessica Johnson

Saturday 12th January 2019

Listen to Jessica Johnson's incredible story of overcoming addiction and finding faith on Slaying Your Giants Podcast. Be inspired by her journey from darkness to light.
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From Prostitution and Drug Addiction to Deliverance: The Inspiring Journey of Jessica Johnson on Slaying Your Giants Podcast

And now I'm really getting feisty with God, like, really you want me to trust you.
On this episode of Slaying Your Giants, Jessica Johnson shares her incredible journey from a traumatic childhood to a life of addiction and prostitution, and finally, to faith and deliverance. Despite the abuse and trauma she faced from a young age, Jessica was able to hold onto hope and resilience. She tells host King David Haynes about her experience of being called a prostitute and a whore by her own father, which led her to run away from home at just 13 years old. After living with her grandmother in Canada for a year, she returned home and started using drugs. This led her down a path of addiction and eventually prostitution, which she found difficult to escape from. Jessica shares about the abuse she faced from pimps, including being beaten and left for dead. She also talks about being arrested and facing jail time, as well as her struggles with abusive relationships. Despite all this, Jessica never lost her faith in God and always held onto the hope that she could be delivered from her addiction.
It was not until she was pregnant with her pimp's child and living with her father that she found the strength to turn her life around. She began attending church and reading the Bible, which she initially found difficult to understand. However, as she continued to read and attend church, she felt a calling from God. Jessica shares about the moment she felt the Holy Spirit for the first time and how it changed her life.
Throughout the episode, Jessica talks about the role of the church and spiritual community in her recovery. She emphasizes the importance of finding a supportive community that can provide encouragement and guidance. Jessica also reflects on her experiences and shares her message to others who may be struggling with addiction. She emphasizes the power of trusting in God and living a holy life.
Ultimately, Jessica's story is a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of faith. Her journey from darkness to light is inspiring and empowering, and serves as a message of hope for those who may be struggling with addiction and trauma. Listeners can take away the importance of never losing hope, finding a supportive community, and trusting in God. As Jessica says, "all the glory goes to the Lord, because without Him I couldn't have done it." Listen to the full episode on Slaying Your Giants Podcast and be inspired by Jessica's story of deliverance.