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  • Episode 2020.0 - What is twelve center?

Episode 2020.0 - What is twelve center?

Saturday 4th January 2020

Join Tim R as he shares his personal experiences and insights on identity, recovery, and Christian community in the Twelve Center podcast. Listen now on alcoholfree.com.
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Twelve Center: A Journey to Discovering Identity, Recovery, and Christian Community

I'm never going to be perfect, I'm never going to be good enough. I'm not going to have three or four books that I've written on the shelf in a bookstore, but what I do have is my life, me walking this journey, me being able to share with others our church that I attend.
Looking for a podcast that tackles identity, recovery, and Christian community? Look no further than Twelve Center! Hosted by Tim R, this podcast is a journey towards discovering what it means to become the person we are called to be despite our addictions, baggage, or "crimes." In the first episode, Tim R introduces the podcast and shares his personal beliefs on the importance of centering on Jesus Christ. He emphasizes that without a focus, we are just aimlessly wandering.
He also emphasizes the value of community in his recovery journey. He stresses that it is essential to have a community that accepts our brokenness, our addictions, and our struggles. Without it, he wouldn't be sitting here today recording this podcast. The podcast's main theme is not about Tim R's journey, but about the power of his higher power and what he can do in his life because of his love for him.
In the podcast, Tim R shares his personal experiences, insights, and encouragement for those who are struggling. He also plans to bring in some guests who have insights that he believes would be encouraging for others to hear. The podcast's overarching goal is to be a community for those who might be hurting and need that encouragement that things can be better. The podcast is a safe space where everyone is welcome, whether they are an addict or not.
The podcast is also about navigating life's struggles with grace and kindness. Tim R emphasizes that we should be patient, kind, and gracious to ourselves and others as we journey through life. The podcast also provides insights and encouragement from books, shows, and articles Tim R has read. Join Tim R on this inspiring and empowering journey towards discovering identity, recovery, and Christian community. Listen to the Twelve Center podcast now here on alcoholfree.com.