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  • Episode 3 - Mental Health

Episode 3 - Mental Health

Monday 6th January 2020

Listen to members of the Grassmarket Community Project discuss their experiences with mental health and how the project has helped them. Discover the power of community and support on
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Grass Cuttings: Exploring Mental Health Through Personal Stories

Gardening is for people who maybe are less comfortable with those sort of therapeutic interventions, actually want to do something together, want to do something practical together, like you say, in a nice place where there's pressures to have to talk is taken away.
Grass Cuttings, the podcast from the Grassmarket Community Project, is a series that shares the stories and experiences of its members, staff, volunteers, and community of support. In Episode 3, Mental Health, listeners are invited to listen to a more in-depth discussion with three members about their personal experiences with mental health, recovery, and how the Grassmarket Community Project has helped them.
The podcast features a candid conversation with one member who shares their story of prolonged mania and how it led to a crash both mentally and physically. They credit their GP and the Grassmarket Community Project for their recovery and support. Another member talks about their struggles with anger, hospitalization, and homelessness before finding the project. They share how participating in volunteer work and the arts program has given them a sense of purpose and self-worth.
The third member shares how they found a sense of community and belonging through gardening therapy and the access to support and honesty that the project provides. Throughout the episode, listeners are reminded of the importance of community, honesty, and self-worth in mental health recovery. The Grassmarket Community Project's social enterprises, arts and cultural programs, and gardening therapy are highlighted as essential components of the project's mission to support people with experiences of homelessness, mental health issues, addictions, and disabilities.
The podcast also previews future projects and collaborations, including a raised bed gardening fruit and veg garden area and walking the West Island way. Listeners will come away from this episode feeling informed, empowered, and hopeful about the role of community and support in mental health recovery. Listen to the episode now on and discover the power of community and support.