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Filipo Fifita

  • Episode 3- Why?

Episode 3- Why?

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Filipo Fifita shares why speaking up is vital for sobriety and offers practical tips for overcoming addiction in this episode of 'The Wandering Tongan'.
8 minutes

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Finding Strength in Stories: Overcoming Sobriety Challenges with Filipo Fifita

Speak up, talk to your friends and family. Give us something to help understand who you are and what you're going through. I encourage you to prove to yourself that there's so much you can give to this world, and we're here for it.
Ever felt like you're battling your struggles alone? In this episode of 'The Wandering Tongan', Filipo Fifita opens up about the power of sharing personal experiences, especially within the Maori and Pasifika communities. Filipo delves into the unique challenges faced by these groups, from addiction and substance abuse to the impact of environment and gang affiliations. He doesn't just highlight the problems; he offers real, actionable tips to make the journey to sobriety smoother.
Think about committing fully to your decision, saving money for hobbies, and finding a supportive community outside your usual circles. Filipo's own transition to sobriety wasn't easy, but his insights can help you or someone you know take that crucial first step. This episode isn't just about sobriety; it's about finding strength in your story and helping others understand their own. Tune in for a heartfelt conversation that could make all the difference.