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Recovery Happy Hour

  • Episode 31- The #newyearnewme Lie

Episode 31- The #newyearnewme Lie

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Join Tricia Lewis on Recovery Happy Hour as she discusses the #newyearnewme lie and answers Instagram questions about gray area drinking and sobriety.
23 minutes

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The Truth About the #newyearnewme Lie: A Recovery Happy Hour Episode

If someone doesn't believe that you're wanting change, it's because your word is probably garbage now. We want someone to tell us you have a problem and are going to get sober now. I can tell you, however, that life without alcohol is amazing and it's okay just to choose to not drink it altogether.
In episode 31 of Recovery Happy Hour, host Tricia Lewis takes a break from sharing guest stories to discuss the #newyearnewme lie and answer Instagram questions about gray area drinking and sobriety. Tricia shares her thoughts on the pressure of New Year's resolutions and how they can lead to feelings of failure and negative self-talk. She reminds listeners that sobriety does not equate to a perfect image of health, and that it's okay to choose not to drink alcohol altogether.
Tricia also provides a list of alternatives to AA for those seeking support in recovery. She emphasizes the importance of switching up your schedule and finding what works best for you in your personal success in recovery. Tricia also touches on partner support in recovery and the savings that can come with sobriety. The episode ends with a call-to-action to share Recovery Happy Hour with friends and to consider attending Sober by Southwest.
Join Tricia Lewis on Recovery Happy Hour for an inspiring, encouraging, and informative look at life beyond the bottle.