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  • Episode 323 - Shane Returns to the Studio

Episode 323 - Shane Returns to the Studio

Sunday 17th March 2024

Explore the profound transformation and recovery journey in the latest episode of the Spiritual Underground Podcast. Join Shane and the host in honest conversations about addiction, self-discovery, and personal growth.
92 minutes

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Unveiling the Journey: A Deep Dive into Recovery and Growth

Episode Overview

  • Shane's journey reflects miracles and growth in recovery
  • Exploration of sponsor dynamics and self-reflection
  • The transformative power of working the program
  • Honest conversations on addiction and personal growth
  • Witnessing the evolution and recovery journey of Shane
I can today get transcripts of the podcast really... it gives a little bit of a written dialogue right in front of you you can read that's cool...
The latest episode of the Spiritual Underground Podcast brings Shane back into the studio for a powerful and reflective conversation. Shane shares his journey of recovery, discussing the miracles unfolding in his life and the transformative power of working the program. Reflecting on past episodes, Shane's growth and progress are evident, highlighting the profound changes that have taken place over the years. The episode delves into the importance of self-reflection, sponsor dynamics, and the continuous journey of recovery.
Through honest conversations and vulnerable moments, Shane and the host explore the depths of addiction, recovery, and personal growth.