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  • Episode 4: Brad. Letting Go Gave Me Power!

Episode 4: Brad. Letting Go Gave Me Power!

Wednesday 8th January 2020

Listen to Brad's story of transformation on Sober Gratitudes podcast episode 4. Discover how letting go gave him the power to pursue a career in addiction counseling.
52 minutes

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Letting Go Gave Me Power! A Story of Transformation from Sober Gratitudes Podcast

Letting go of that perception of being in control of certain things gives you the power to take control of things that you can, and that's huge when you start, when it's directed to control.
Sober Gratitudes, hosted by Sarah Elizabeth, is a podcast that offers hope by sharing stories of transformation and experiences in recovery from addiction. In Episode 4, Sarah interviews Brad, who shares his journey from near homelessness to pursuing a career in addiction counseling. Brad's story is one of transformation, and he emphasizes the power of letting go and relinquishing the need to control.
The stigma of addiction and the belief in using willpower to overcome it is a common thread that runs through many people's experiences in addiction. Brad's transformative moment came when he realized that he needed to let go and put his power in someone else's hands. This realization allowed him to pursue his passion for helping others and to pursue a career in addiction counseling. Another key element of Brad's recovery is the power of self-affirmation.
He uses a journal to write down positive affirmations, which helps him to relate to himself in a positive way. Brad also emphasizes the importance of compassion and identification in addiction counseling. He believes that having professionals who know what it's like to be an addict can make a huge difference in the recovery process. Normalizing sobriety is another important aspect of Brad's recovery journey.
He believes that being sober is normal, fun, and cool, and that there is nothing damaged or wrong about not drinking. This idea is something that he tries to spread to others, in order to combat the false positive of the advertising establishment. Instead, he wants to focus on the true positive of people in recovery. Brad's story is inspiring, empowering, informative, hopeful, and compassionate.
His courage and bravery in pursuing his passion for addiction counseling is a testament to the power of recovery. If you want to listen to Brad's story and other stories of hope, check out Sober Gratitudes podcast on now!