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Siblinghood of Recovery

Angie Reno

  • Episode 56 - Welcome to 2024! Here are 11 Resources to help your Growth as a Parent in Recovery

Episode 56 - Welcome to 2024! Here are 11 Resources to help your Growth as a Parent in Recovery

Sunday 7th January 2024

Discover essential resources and heartfelt advice from Angie Reno for parents navigating a child's substance use disorder in 2024.
18 minutes

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Siblinghood of Recovery
Angie Reno
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Parenting Through Recovery: Angie Reno's Essential Tips for 2024

Episode Overview

  • Emphasises the importance of personal growth while supporting a child's recovery journey
  • Recommends attending 12-step meetings to build a supportive community
  • Urges careful evaluation of therapists and treatment centres
  • Highlights the impact of social media perceptions and family dynamics on the recovery process
  • Reminds listeners that they are not alone in their journey, offering hope and strength
I sit here on January 6th, the day I record 2024 hopeful, incredibly hopeful about this year and incredibly hopeful about you getting through this and you connecting with people and a network of support that will help you grow out of this journey and become healthier.
Starting the new year with a fresh perspective, Angie Reno offers a treasure trove of resources for parents navigating the turbulent waters of a child's substance use disorder. In this episode of 'Siblinghood of Recovery', Angie draws from her own heartfelt journey to provide practical advice and emotional support for parents in similar situations. Angie dives into the significance of personal growth, urging parents to attend local Al-Anon meetings to find community support and shared understanding.
She highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing the dysfunctions we might bring into the family system, encouraging a commitment to self-awareness and continuous personal development. One of the standout topics is the impact of social media on family dynamics. Angie warns against the trap of comparing your family to the seemingly perfect ones online, reminding listeners that every family has its unique struggles. She emphasizes viewing children as individuals rather than family assets, fostering healthier relationships.
Angie also sheds light on evaluating treatment centers and therapists, stressing the need to understand their focus and ensuring they align with your child's needs. She shares her top picks for books and podcasts, including Evoke Therapy, Hopestream, and Buddy C's 'Tao of Our Understanding', all of which can be found on her Educational Resources page.
Whether you're in the midst of chaos or seeking ways to support your child's recovery journey, Angie's episode is a beacon of hope and guidance. Her empathetic approach and wealth of knowledge make this episode a must-listen for any parent dealing with the complexities of substance use disorder.