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  • Episode 58 - Josh Maria of Extra Duty Podcast

Episode 58 - Josh Maria of Extra Duty Podcast

Tuesday 12th April 2022

Tune into 'The Sober Highway Podcast' as Dan and KB chat with Josh Maria about communication, mental health, and recovery. Listen now for heartfelt insights.
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Navigating Recovery: Insights with Josh Maria from Extra Duty Podcast

We're hoping that we get your shirt off as much as we possibly can. We might have to mute ourselves on TikTok because we will get banned.
Ever wondered how effective communication can transform your recovery journey? In this episode of 'The Sober Highway Podcast', hosts Dan and KB sit down with Josh Maria, the voice behind the Extra Duty Podcast, to explore this and more. The conversation flows through a range of topics, from military communication and mental health to addiction recovery and charity work.
Josh, a proud Yankee fan, brings his unique perspective on how rank and hierarchy in the military can stifle open dialogue, stressing the need for safe spaces and active listening. These insights are not just for those in uniform; they offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to improve their relationships. But it’s not all serious talk. The trio's camaraderie shines through as they share fun anecdotes, including tattoo bets and quirky antics that keep the mood light.
They also discuss their charity efforts, like selling SOBER TODAY bracelets and collaborating with Brainwashed Coffee Company. These initiatives aim to give back to the community while spreading awareness about addiction recovery. Whether you're in the early stages of sobriety or supporting someone on their journey, this episode offers a blend of heartfelt advice and light-hearted moments that make it a must-listen.
Tune in for an engaging chat that balances professional insights with personal stories, leaving you both informed and entertained.