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  • Episode 60 - AITA

Episode 60 - AITA

Tuesday 31st May 2022

Dan and KB discuss 'Am I The A*****e' stories, focusing on addiction's impact on relationships and offering tips for better communication.
29 minutes

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Addiction and Relationships: Real-Life AITA Stories with Dan and KB

When you engage in substance use, or when you're constantly getting high, when you're constantly getting drunk, when you're constantly getting arrested. It makes me feel this way because I love you and because I care for you so much as a person.
Ever wondered how addiction can twist the dynamics of relationships? This episode of 'The Sober Highway Podcast' dives into some raw and real 'Am I The A*****e' stories, shedding light on how substance use affects our connections with loved ones. Dan, a seasoned social worker, brings his clinical expertise to the table, while KB, a strongwoman and mental toughness advocate, adds her unique perspective. Together, they discuss the importance of communication and support in navigating these tricky waters.
From the humorous to the heart-wrenching, these stories offer a glimpse into the complex world of addiction and relationships. Dan and KB don't just stop at storytelling—they emphasize actionable tips for fostering better communication and understanding in relationships strained by addiction. And if you're curious about their lighter side, stick around after the outro music to catch Dan's enthusiastic reaction to a New York Rangers hockey game win.
Tune in for a blend of empathy, expert advice, and a touch of humor that makes 'The Sober Highway Podcast' a must-listen for anyone affected by addiction.