Nick Morton: comedian, filmmaker, addict in recovery

The Drunkalogues

Nick Morton: comedian, filmmaker, addict in recovery

  • Episode 85 - David Styne

Episode 85 - David Styne

Tuesday 9th July 2024

David Styne shares his journey from Hollywood's glitz to sobriety, revealing the highs and lows of addiction and recovery.
45 minutes

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Nick Morton: comedian, filmmaker, addict in recovery
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David Styne's Journey: From Hollywood Highs to Sobriety

Episode Overview

  • David Styne's childhood in Los Angeles during the '70s.
  • The pressures and allure of working in Hollywood.
  • A Grateful Dead concert as a pivotal moment towards sobriety.
  • Challenges faced while maintaining sobriety in a demanding career.
  • Importance of finding contentment and happiness in everyday life.
My biggest challenge on a daily basis is learning to understand what happiness feels like and contentment feels like.
David Styne, a former agent at CAA, shares his gripping journey from the high-flying world of Hollywood to a life of sobriety in this episode of The Drunkalogues. Host Nick Morton and David reminisce about their early days in the industry, revealing the glitz and glamour that often masked deeper struggles. David recounts his upbringing in Los Angeles during the '70s, painting a vivid picture of a seemingly idyllic childhood that contrasted sharply with his later years of addiction.
From representing big names like Oliver Stone to selling screenplays and managing talents, David's career was nothing short of spectacular. However, the pressure and allure of the industry took a toll on his personal life, leading him to a path of self-destruction. A pivotal moment at a Grateful Dead concert and a near-fatal accident served as wake-up calls, pushing him towards sobriety.
Now a manager and producer, David reflects on the importance of finding contentment and happiness in everyday life, rather than constantly seeking excitement. His candid discussion with Nick offers valuable insights into the challenges of maintaining sobriety while navigating a demanding career. If you're looking for an honest and heartfelt conversation about addiction, recovery, and the pursuit of happiness, this episode is a must-listen.