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David BB

  • Episodio 40. “Unir los puntos hacia atrás”

Episodio 40. “Unir los puntos hacia atrás”

Saturday 22nd July 2023

David BB shares his journey with alcoholism, acceptance, and lifestyle changes in this heartfelt farewell episode.
40 minutes

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David BB's Farewell: Reflections on Sobriety and New Beginnings

Episode Overview

  • Reflects on his journey with alcoholism and recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia
  • Emphasizes the importance of acceptance and seeking help
  • Shares his decision to close this chapter of the podcast with gratitude to the listeners
  • Commits to continuing his journey and attending to listener emails
  • Expresses appreciation for the support and interest from the audience
Sometimes with more affection even than questions and doubts. And for my part, I will continue to attend your emails. In fact, I still have a lot without responding. And I will do it little by little as health allows me. The body now does not give for too many demands but I also take the opportunity to tell you that I thank in advance the interest that you have shown all this time of silence on my part in which you have asked me about my own health without knowing Thank you very much thank you and let's go Deja que pasemos sin miedo
Ever wondered what it's like to reflect on years of battling alcoholism and finally find peace? In this heartfelt episode, David BB opens up about his personal journey with alcohol addiction, sharing the highs and lows he's faced along the way. With a raw and honest approach, David discusses the importance of acceptance, seeking help, and making those tough lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier life.
He doesn't shy away from talking about his recent fibromyalgia diagnosis, drawing parallels between managing this condition and his fight against alcoholism. This episode isn't just about looking back; it's also about gratitude and new beginnings. David takes a moment to thank his listeners for their unwavering support and explains why he's decided to close this chapter of the podcast. It's a touching farewell but also a promise of continued personal growth and resilience.
If you're seeking inspiration or simply want to hear a genuine story of recovery, this episode is a must-listen.