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Sober Fierce ~ Sassy Realtor does Sober Fierce

Erin Frame

  • Erin Talks About Being Sober Fierce on The LowDown Webcast

Erin Talks About Being Sober Fierce on The LowDown Webcast

Monday 28th June 2021

Join Erin Frame on The LowDown webcast as she discusses her Sober Fierce journey, tackling sobriety stigma, and the importance of hydration and nutrition.
11 minutes

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Sober Fierce ~ Sassy Realtor does Sober Fierce
Erin Frame
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Erin Frame's Sober Fierce Journey: A Chat on The LowDown Webcast

It's not that I can't have fun, because I do have fun, but it's also kind of relearning how to be me, cause my, my me has been a drinker, right.
Ever wondered how someone transitions from heavy drinking to a vibrant, alcohol-free life? Erin Frame, a spirited real estate agent, shares her compelling journey on The LowDown webcast, co-hosted by Ian Brannon. This episode kicks off with a fun game for Facebook Live listeners, offering a large Tino's Pizza to the first person who likes the video. But the real meat of the conversation starts when Ian delves into Erin's six-month sobriety journey, aptly named 'Sober Fierce'.
Erin opens up about the immense strength required to stay sober and the social challenges she faces when people offer her a drink. She candidly talks about how the pandemic has limited her social outings, making it somewhat easier to avoid these awkward moments. However, she acknowledges that many others face this issue more frequently. The discussion takes a practical turn as Erin and Ian highlight the importance of hydration and nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Erin shares how tripling her water intake has led to noticeable health improvements, emphasizing that sometimes these basics are more crucial than intense workouts. The episode wraps up with Erin encouraging everyone to proudly flaunt their alcohol-free status. She urges listeners to shed any shame associated with falling into the trap of alcohol use and instead embrace their decision to live a healthier life.
If you're curious about Erin's Sober Fierce journey and want tips on reducing the stigma around sobriety, this episode is a must-listen.