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Tiny Bubbles: Recovery Inspiration

Jean McCarthy

  • Escape Hatches and Cute Shoes

Escape Hatches and Cute Shoes

Tuesday 3rd October 2023

Join Jean McCarthy on Tiny Bubbles as she shares her experience with surprise triggers and offers advice on maintaining sobriety.
12 minutes

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Tiny Bubbles: Recovery Inspiration
Jean McCarthy
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Surprise Triggers and Sparkly Shoes: Jean McCarthy's Sober Reflections

Episode Overview

  • Reflects on handling unexpected triggers and escape hatches in recovery
  • Emphasises the importance of honouring feelings and acknowledging sober wobbles
  • Encourages self-advocacy and compassion in navigating surprise situations
  • Provides insights into reinforcing the commitment to sobriety
  • Shares personal anecdotes to illustrate the challenges and triumphs in alcohol-free living
Can you say to yourself, I will not drink no matter what, even if the worst thing happens? And that might be an illness of someone you love. It might be something really hard happening to you. And just know that your recovery can and will serve you well in every situation. And that includes those hard ones.
Ever had one of those moments where everything's going great, and then—bam!—a surprise trigger catches you off guard? Jean McCarthy knows that feeling all too well. In this episode of Tiny Bubbles, Jean dives into a recent social outing that took an unexpected turn. Picture this: a spilled drink, sparkly shoes, and a momentary wobble in her 12-year sobriety journey. But don't worry, Jean's got it under control and shares how she navigated the sticky situation.
She emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting your feelings when those sneaky triggers pop up. Through her candid storytelling, Jean offers valuable advice on handling these moments and reinforces the commitment to staying sober. Whether you're new to sobriety or a seasoned pro, you'll find her insights relatable and encouraging. So, if you're looking for a quick yet impactful boost to your day, tune in and let Jean's experiences guide you through your own journey.