• Expanding Broadband Access with SaskTel

Expanding Broadband Access with SaskTel

Wednesday 3rd July 2024

Greg Jacobs from SaskTel discusses expanding broadband access to small and remote communities in Saskatchewan. Learn about their plans and progress.
20 minutes

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SaskTel's Broadband Expansion: Bridging the Digital Divide in Saskatchewan

Episode Overview

  • SaskTel's plan aims to bring fibre-optic broadband to 193 small communities by 2025.
  • The initiative will significantly improve internet speeds and reliability.
  • Federal funding is a key component in making these expansions financially sustainable.
  • Technological advancements in fibre-optics provide a future-proof solution.
  • The project will positively impact local economies, education, and healthcare services.
Our goal is to ensure that as many residents of our province have access to the communications technologies they need to compete and succeed
In this episode of MuniCast, the spotlight is on SaskTel's ambitious initiative to expand broadband access to small and remote communities in Saskatchewan. Host Greg Jacobs, External Communications Manager at SaskTel, shares the company's plans and progress in bringing fibre-optic broadband to underserved areas. With a history spanning over a century, SaskTel has been a cornerstone in connecting Saskatchewan residents, and this new initiative aims to future-proof connectivity for years to come.
From the pilot project in Rostron to the addition of 61 more communities, Jacobs discusses the technological advancements and logistical challenges involved in rolling out such an extensive network. He also highlights the significant impact this initiative will have on local economies, education, and healthcare services, especially in a post-COVID world where digital connectivity is more crucial than ever. Jacobs delves into the technical aspects, explaining how fibre-optic technology surpasses older DSL networks in speed and reliability.
He also touches on the financial sustainability of the project, made possible through federal funding and strategic investments. For anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of broadband expansion or the broader implications for rural communities, this episode offers a wealth of information. Don't miss out on understanding how this initiative could transform small towns across Saskatchewan.