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  • Exploring screen depictions of mental health and mental illness

Exploring screen depictions of mental health and mental illness

Saturday 30th March 2024

Join Heather and Sarah Taylor as they discuss the portrayal of mental health in film and TV, highlighting the need for accurate representations.
57 minutes

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Mental Health on Screen: Insights from Heather and Sarah Taylor

Episode Overview

  • Heather and Sarah Taylor explore the portrayal of mental health in the film and television industry
  • The podcast features guests sharing their lived experiences of mental health issues
  • Discussions highlight the importance of accurate representations and the impact on viewers
  • The hosts stress the need to be curious about media consumption and its effects on mental health
  • People First Radio aims to educate and bring awareness to mental health through engaging conversations
I think it's about being curious and being more aware of what you're consuming and that it does have an impact on your own mental health and your own brain. Be curious and be aware that the things you consume can impact you in some way.
Ever noticed how mental health is portrayed in movies and TV shows? Heather and Sarah Taylor, two Canadian sisters working in the film industry, dive into this very topic on their podcast, Braaains. In this episode of People First Radio, they chat about the importance of getting it right when it comes to depicting mental illness and disability on screen.
The Taylors argue that too often, mental health issues are reduced to 'problem of the week' scenarios, missing the deeper, ongoing struggles people face. They bring in guests who share their personal stories, making the conversation even more relatable and eye-opening. If you're interested in how media shapes our understanding of mental health, this episode is a must-listen. It’s a thoughtful discussion that will leave you thinking about the last movie or show you watched in a whole new light.