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  • Families In Recovery with Katie S. and Dylan S.

Families In Recovery with Katie S. and Dylan S.

Friday 8th March 2024

Join Katie and Dylan S. on 'Strength In Recovery' as they share their inspiring journey of family recovery, triumphs, and unbreakable bonds.
44 minutes

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Family Ties: Katie and Dylan's Shared Path to Sobriety

Episode Overview

  • Katie S. and Dylan S. share their family recovery journey
  • The importance of acceptance and support in overcoming addiction
  • The impact of boundaries and enabling behavior in recovery
  • The power of relationships and community in the recovery process
  • Providing resources and support for families navigating addiction
Recovery sometimes can be like a little bit of a secret club. But I think that was very moving, and that was probably Dylan's first time of seeing like what recovery was about is about.
Imagine battling addiction, not alone, but with a family member by your side. In this episode of 'Strength In Recovery', hosted by Jaye Rodenbush, listeners are invited into the heartfelt journey of Katie S. and her nephew, Dylan S. Their story isn't just about personal recovery; it's about how the strength of family bonds can become a powerful tool in overcoming addiction.
Katie and Dylan candidly share their struggles and victories, painting a vivid picture of what it means to recover together. They discuss the challenges they faced, the moments of triumph that kept them going, and how their relationship grew stronger through the process. This episode is perfect for anyone who believes in the power of family support or is curious about how shared experiences can foster resilience.
Tune in to hear an inspiring conversation that highlights the importance of community and the unbreakable bond that can form through shared recovery.