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Filling Voids

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Listen to Barbara's story of addiction, recovery, and transformation in this episode of Steppin' Out Radio. Gain insight into the world of sex addiction and learn how to support those in recovery.
37 minutes

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Filling Voids: A Candid Discussion on Sex Addiction and Recovery

For me to face my addiction, the most important thing, no matter what phase and progression of your addiction, and it gets into homicide and suicide for a lot of people.
In the latest episode of Steppin' Out Radio, Barbara shares her story of addiction to sex and love, and how she found herself in recovery. Growing up with a mother preoccupied with sex, Barbara was encouraged to engage in sexual activity as a teenager, which later developed into addiction. She shares how this addiction led her to have sex with numerous men, often strangers, and the fear of being alone made her continue this behavior.
Barbara also discusses the difference between normal sex, love, and romance, versus using them as a drug of no choice. She emphasizes the importance of facing addiction at any phase, and the detrimental effects it can have on one's life.
Throughout the episode, Barbara and the host delve into the role of childhood experiences in sex addiction and how it can manifest in adulthood. They discuss the extreme cases of mothers who are addicted to men and abandon their children, and the advanced stages of addiction that lead to homicide and suicide.
However, the episode is not just about addiction and its negative consequences. It is also about recovery and transformation. Barbara shares her journey of recovery and how she found the support she needed to heal. She talks about the importance of having a support system, and how it helped her navigate the difficult path of recovery.
In summary, this episode of Steppin' Out Radio provides a candid and eye-opening discussion on sex addiction and recovery. It offers insight into the world of addiction and the importance of support in recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with sex addiction, this episode is a must-listen. As Barbara emphasizes, facing addiction at any phase is crucial, and with the right support, recovery and transformation are possible.