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  • Financing Your Creative Calling from NFTs with Josh Savage

Financing Your Creative Calling from NFTs with Josh Savage

Friday 5th July 2024

Indie singer-songwriter Josh Savage discusses his journey into music NFTs, offering advice on sustaining a creative career and emotional resilience.
44 minutes

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Josh Savage on Music NFTs: Funding Your Creative Dreams

Episode Overview

  • Failures can be stepping stones to success.
  • NFTs offer a new way for musicians to fund their careers.
  • Emotional and mental resilience is crucial for artists.
  • Engaging with fans innovatively can enhance career sustainability.
  • Independent artists can thrive without traditional record labels.
The biggest challenge is just figuring out how to keep going, how to make it work financially, emotionally, mentally
In this episode of 'Artists Rising', indie singer-songwriter Josh Savage dives into the fascinating world of music NFTs. Hosted by JennyRebecca Ronning, Josh shares his journey from his early days in music to becoming a pioneer in the NFT space. He discusses the ups and downs of an artistic career, highlighting how failures can be stepping stones to success. Josh's candid reflections on mental and emotional resilience offer invaluable advice for artists struggling to keep going.
He also explains how NFTs can revolutionise the way musicians fund their careers, making it easier for independent artists to thrive without relying on traditional record labels. From his experiences touring with bands like Snow Patrol and opening for Robbie Williams, to the innovative ways he engages with his fans through NFTs, Josh's story is both inspiring and educational.
Whether you're an artist looking for new ways to sustain your creative journey or simply curious about the intersection of music and technology, this episode is packed with insights that will leave you motivated and informed.