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  • From Prison to D.E.T.E.R. w/ Dawud Nubian Part-1....

From Prison to D.E.T.E.R. w/ Dawud Nubian Part-1....

Friday 17th May 2024

Listen to Dawud Nubian's inspiring story of overcoming addiction, trauma, and incarceration to find hope and purpose through his non-profit D.E.T.E.R.
30 minutes

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Get In The Herd Podcast at the McShin Foundation Addiction Recovery Resource Center
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Dawud Nubian: A Journey from Darkness to Light

Episode Overview

  • Dawud Nubian's journey from substance use to incarceration and redemption
  • The impact of trauma on personal growth and recovery
  • Insights into the challenges and resilience faced during the recovery journey
  • The role of friendship and support in overcoming addiction and finding hope
  • Lessons learned and wisdom gained from facing adversity and transforming one's life
Trust that process it works it really really does from prison but before prison I was in prison I was highly indicted highly in bondage to myself into my selfishness and it really really...
Ever thought about what it takes to turn a life around after hitting rock bottom? In this episode of 'Get In The Herd', Dawud Nubian opens up about his harrowing yet inspiring journey from substance use and trauma to incarceration. But that's not where his story ends.
Dawud takes us through his transformation and how he found a new purpose in life by founding D.E.T.E.R., a non-profit dedicated to helping those in recovery, particularly those who've been entangled with the criminal justice system. Hosted by Travis, Jesse, Stu, and Steve, this episode dives deep into the pivotal moments that shaped Dawud's path to redemption.
You'll hear about the struggles he faced, the faith that kept him going, and the resilience that led him to make a positive impact on others. Whether you're dealing with similar issues or supporting someone who is, Dawud's story offers a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of change.