Going Inward with Brandi Vezina


  • Getting Intentional

Getting Intentional

Sunday 3rd September 2023

Join Brandi Vezina on 'Going Inward' as she shares insights on intentional living, reflecting on music, relationships, and personal growth.
14 minutes

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Going Inward with Brandi Vezina
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Setting Intentions with Brandi Vezina: A Journey of Purpose

Episode Overview

  • Brandi shares her summer experiences, focusing on music, relationship choices, and horse training.
  • She emphasises the importance of intentional living and encourages listeners to consider their own priorities.
  • Brandi reflects on the significance of health and family dynamics in her life, inspiring others to do the same.
  • She offers insights into her creative process and the impact of community engagement on her journey.
  • Brandi's episode serves as a heartfelt reminder to live with purpose and intention, embracing personal growth and meaningful connections.
What are you going to get intentional about the next three months? Where's your energy going? Where's your focus going? And what do you want to do for you?
Brandi Vezina is back after a refreshing break, ready to share her insights on living with intention. In this episode of 'Going Inward', Brandi dives into the importance of setting goals and focusing your energy where it matters most. Reflecting on her summer, she talks about how she dedicated time to her music, navigated relationship choices, and spent meaningful moments with her horses.
Brandi's approach to intentional living is both inspiring and practical, encouraging you to think about your own priorities for the months ahead. Whether you're looking to improve your health, strengthen family bonds, or grow personally, Brandi's heartfelt reflections offer a gentle nudge to live purposefully. Tune in for a dose of motivation and a reminder that every small step towards intentionality can make a big difference.