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  • Getting Your Money To Work Harder For You Than You Worked For It With Mel Abraham

Getting Your Money To Work Harder For You Than You Worked For It With Mel Abraham

Monday 8th July 2024

Join Cayla Craft and Mel Abraham as they discuss making your money work harder for you, overcoming financial setbacks, and achieving true financial freedom.
58 minutes

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Mastering Financial Freedom with Mel Abraham

Episode Overview

  • Learn how to make your money work harder than you do.
  • Understand the importance of multiple income streams.
  • Discover practical tips for managing your finances.
  • Hear about Mel's personal experience with financial setbacks.
  • Get inspired to write a contract with your future self.
Your wealth and your financial future is just on the other side of a basic math equation
Cayla Craft, the inspirational figure behind Mommy Millionaire, brings back financial educator Mel Abraham for an enlightening conversation on money management. Mel, author of 'Building Your Money Machine,' shares his journey from CPA to entrepreneur and offers practical advice on making your money work harder than you do. This episode dives into the challenges of writing an accessible money book and the importance of financial independence.
Mel recounts losing a third of his wealth in a Ponzi scheme and the lessons learned from that experience. He also discusses the concept of writing a contract with your future self to stay committed to your financial goals. Mel emphasises the need for multiple income streams and explains how to build a money machine that generates cash flow to cover your necessities and more.
Cayla and Mel's engaging banter makes complex financial concepts easy to understand, ensuring you walk away with actionable steps to improve your financial health. Whether you're struggling with debt or looking to optimise your investments, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration. Don't miss out on this chance to learn from two experts passionate about helping you achieve financial freedom.