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  • God's New Thing: Greater Works

God's New Thing: Greater Works

Thursday 1st January 1970

Discover how Renewal Chapel Podcast can help you find hope and renewal through God's message of greater works. Listen now on
33 minutes

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God's New Thing: Greater Works - A Message of Renewal and Hope from Renewal Chapel Podcast

God's purpose in us and his greater work through us is that he might show the surpassing riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ.
Renewal Chapel Podcast is a beacon of hope and renewal for those struggling with addictions, anxiety, and anger. In the first series of 2020, Pastor Mark Booth takes a comprehensive look at God's New Thing: Greater Works. Through the power of Christ's intercession and the importance of prayer and fasting, Pastor Booth delivers a message of reconciliation, ministry service, and God's purpose for us.
Joyous generosity is the first part of Renewal's vision, and the power of surrender and acceptance is key to experiencing the greatness of God's kindness and grace. Join Renewal Chapel Podcast on and discover how God's message of greater works can help you find hope and renewal today.