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  • Guest Episode 19: Mile High Magazine with Melissa Moore

Guest Episode 19: Mile High Magazine with Melissa Moore

Wednesday 26th June 2024

Kevin Petersen discusses the impact of online dating algorithms on young men and women, offering practical advice for meaningful connections.
15 minutes

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The Realities of Online Dating: Insights with Kevin Petersen

Episode Overview

  • Online dating algorithms create imbalances in the dating pool.
  • Many women are competing for a small percentage of men.
  • Virtual personas often don't match real-life personalities.
  • Younger generations face unique challenges with online dating.
  • Realistic expectations are crucial for meaningful connections.
The response to that is, okay, well, you know, take a look at what your expectations are.
Ever wondered how online dating is shaping relationships today? In this episode of Mile High Magazine, Melissa Moore sits down with Kevin Petersen, a licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of the Chronic Hope Institute. The conversation takes an intriguing turn as they explore the unexpected dynamics of online dating, especially for young men and women.
Petersen shares insights from Scott Galloway, a professor at NYU School of Business, who highlights how algorithms are creating a skewed dating landscape where 90% of women compete for just 5% of men. This imbalance is causing frustration and withdrawal among men, leading them to give up on dating apps altogether. Melissa and Kevin also reflect on their own experiences with online dating, revealing the stark differences between virtual personas and real-life interactions.
They discuss the unrealistic expectations set by dating profiles and how these can lead to disappointment. Kevin humorously points out that many women are searching for a 'custom-made Rolls-Royce' in a partner, which is a rare find. The episode delves into the psychological impact of online dating on younger generations, who may never have experienced traditional dating methods. Kevin emphasises the importance of realistic expectations and the need for genuine human connections beyond the digital facade.
For anyone curious about the modern dating scene or struggling with its challenges, this episode offers valuable perspectives and practical advice. Whether you're navigating the dating world yourself or supporting someone who is, Kevin's insights are both enlightening and relatable. Tune in to hear more about how online dating is reshaping relationships and what you can do to find meaningful connections in this digital age.