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  • Happy New Year (From POP Buchanan)🎉🎉🎉

Happy New Year (From POP Buchanan)🎉🎉🎉

Wednesday 1st January 2020

Join POP Buchanan in the Sober is Dope revolution for a holistic approach to addiction recovery. In this episode, POP shares a message of love and hope for the new year.
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Happy New Year with Sober is Dope: A Message of Love and Hope

Remember, we can have fun sober and we can maintain our sobriety tonight. I have faith in all of us, including myself. Let's bring in strong and let's finish strong.
As the Sober is Dope community closed out the decade, POP Buchanan, the host of the show, shared a message of love and hope for the new year. In this special episode, POP reminded listeners that sobriety doesn't mean sacrificing fun. With faith in all of us, including himself, POP encouraged everyone to bring in the new year strong and finish strong.
He also prayed for those we've lost, celebrated new life, and thanked the listeners who made the podcast possible. POP's holistic approach to addiction recovery includes therapy, rehab, AA, prayer, and meditation. The Sober is Dope revolution has inspired countless listeners with practical spiritual tools and over 350 game-changing episodes. This New Year's Eve, POP wants everyone in the community to be safe, have fun, and stay sober.
As we look towards the future with excitement, the Sober is Dope podcast is the most impactful addiction recovery content out there. Join the revolution and listen to the Sober is Dope podcast now here on alcoholfree.com.