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  • How Far To Rid Your Life Of Alcohol

How Far To Rid Your Life Of Alcohol

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Join Karen Today on Sober Moments Podcast as she discusses how far people should go to eliminate alcohol from their lives. Listen now on!
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Eliminating Alcohol from Your Life: How Far Should You Go?

There is a whole different connotation, though, to actually have had alcohol even a sip in our mouth.
In the latest episode of Sober Moments Podcast, Karen Today raises a thought-provoking question: How far should we go to eliminate alcohol from our lives? Karen shares her own journey and how she has managed to eliminate alcohol from different aspects of her life. From checking labels on food and medications to avoiding mouthwash and cough syrup, Karen highlights the importance of being vigilant and aware of the presence of alcohol in our lives.
She also discusses the impact of accidentally having a sip of alcohol and how it can be a slippery slope for those in recovery. Karen's reflections on navigating social situations without alcohol are particularly insightful, as she shares her own experience of planning her wedding without serving alcohol. While Karen acknowledges that eliminating alcohol entirely from our lives may not be possible, she emphasizes the importance of being intentional and mindful of our choices.
This episode is informative, engaging, and educational, leaving listeners with much to reflect on. Listen to the episode now here on and join the conversation on how you have eliminated alcohol from your life.