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  • How It Works is still How It Works

How It Works is still How It Works

Monday 6th January 2020

Join Take 12 Recovery Radio's Monty Dale Meyer and co-hosts as they discuss the controversy surrounding different recovery methods and the importance of the tried and true Twelve Step process. Learn from the experiences and reflections of guests and hear real-life stories of hope and strength on alcoholfree.com.
66 minutes

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Back to Basics: The Effectiveness of the Twelve Step Process

Rarely have you seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.
Take 12 Recovery Radio's latest episode, "How It Works is still How It Works," tackles the controversy surrounding different methods of recovering from substance use disorder. The hosts, Monty Dale Meyer, Dave, and Marv, welcome their newest co-host, Margie W., as they discuss the importance of getting back to what has been and continues to be the most effective recovery process: the Twelve Step process.
They emphasize the significance of following the directions laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and how those who thoroughly follow the path rarely fail. The hosts also touch on the role of a higher power in recovery, the power of rigorous honesty, the benefits of working with a sponsor, and the importance of applying principles in all affairs.
Listeners will hear real-life stories of experience, strength, and hope from those who have been to the darkest edge of addiction and come through to the light of recovery. The episode is both inspiring and empowering, providing informative insights on how to navigate the path to recovery. Listen to the episode now on alcoholfree.com and discover how the Twelve Step process can help you find freedom from addiction.