Mark Jennison


Mark Jennison

  • How to Build Massive TRUST

How to Build Massive TRUST

Wednesday 26th June 2024

Mark and Kendra Jennison discuss how trust forms the foundation of their relationship, offering practical advice and heartfelt moments.
27 minutes

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Building Trust: The Key to Strong Relationships

Episode Overview

  • Trust is crucial for any successful relationship.
  • Mutual dedication and transparency build a strong foundation.
  • Emotional disconnection can harm relationships.
  • Supportive partners help manage high-pressure careers.
  • Alcohol can negatively impact trust.
"You can't expect your wife or your husband to trust you if you can't trust yourself"
In this episode of IAMACOMEBACK, Mark Jennison and his wife, Kendra, dive into the vital topic of trust in relationships. They start off with a light-hearted chat about wakeboarding, before shifting gears to discuss how trust forms the bedrock of their marriage. Mark emphasises the importance of mutual dedication and transparency, sharing personal stories that highlight how both partners contribute to a trusting environment.
Kendra provides her perspective on the role of a supportive partner, especially when dealing with high-pressure careers and ambitious goals. The couple also touches on the dangers of emotional disconnection and the impact of alcohol on trust. With candid conversations and real-life examples, this episode offers valuable insights for anyone looking to strengthen their relationships. Whether you're an entrepreneur or just someone striving for a better partnership, you'll find practical advice and heartfelt moments that make this episode a must-listen.
So, are you ready to build massive trust in your relationship?