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Recovery After Stroke

Recovery After Stroke

  • How To Have A Growth Mindset – Marvin Oka

How To Have A Growth Mindset – Marvin Oka

Monday 6th January 2020

Learn about how neuroplasticity research can help stroke survivors develop a growth mindset and overcome challenges in recovery. Listen to the Recovery After Stroke podcast episode now on
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How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Stroke Recovery: Insights from Marvin Oka

It's some way that I'm relating or interpreting the world. It's the way I've psychologically oriented myself to the world and the narrative I'm creating on it that really I'm in total control of.
The journey of stroke recovery can be a challenging and isolating experience, both physically and mentally. However, with the help of neuroplasticity research and a growth mindset, survivors can overcome these challenges and achieve their goals. In this episode of the Recovery After Stroke podcast, host Bill Gasiamis talks to Marvin Oka, a coaching expert, about the importance of psychological orientation in stroke recovery and how it can be used to develop a growth mindset.
Oka explains that our psychological orientation is the way we relate to and interpret the world, and it's something we have total control over. By identifying and changing limiting beliefs and biases, survivors can create a narrative that empowers them to achieve their goals. This is where coaching comes in, as Oka emphasizes the benefits of having a coach to support and guide survivors on their journey.
Through neurobehavioral modeling and other techniques, coaches can help survivors develop a growth mindset that enables them to evolve and overcome challenges. This approach isn't just about fixing problems; it's about evolving the person to the point where they can fix their own problems from a place of greater wisdom. So, if you're a stroke survivor looking for help with healing your brain, reducing anxiety, and overcoming fatigue, the Recovery After Stroke coaching program might be for you.
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