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  • How To Re-Invent Yourself in 2020 and Create Your Best Life Ever (Ep. 35)

How To Re-Invent Yourself in 2020 and Create Your Best Life Ever (Ep. 35)

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Learn how to reinvent yourself in 2020 with Matt Finch, co-host of the Elevation Recovery Podcast. Discover the ultimate self-evaluation guide that will help you create the life you really want.
52 minutes

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Reinventing Yourself in 2020 with Matt Finch: The Ultimate Self-Evaluation Guide

Self-reinvention is the process of conscious transformation. So we're going to be designing a new future.
Matt Finch, co-host of the Elevation Recovery Podcast, shares his ultimate self-evaluation guide for reinventing yourself in 2020. The process of self-reinvention starts with conscious transformation and designing a new future. In this episode, Finch provides a step-by-step action plan on how to evaluate your life and reinvent it to the life you really want. The guide includes subcategories for taking care of your body, brain, mind, and spirit.
Finch emphasizes the importance of absolute focus and delaying gratification as two essential skills that separate the most successful people from the rest. He also provides tips on how to achieve indistractibility and incorporate breath coherence, healthy eating, and physical fitness into your daily routine. Through a spectrum ranging from negative pathological preoccupation to positive absolute focus, Finch encourages listeners to score themselves on where they fall and to aim for a peak state.
By breaking out of a comfort zone lifestyle and embracing block time planning, you can make each decision in your best self-interest. The ultimate goal is to create a lifestyle that makes it impossible or really hard for people or technology to interrupt and distract you when you're in your indistractable mode. Listen to the episode now on and start your journey towards self-reinvention.